The Intellect School

The Intellect School

The Intellect School is a branch of the educational institute, that operates under Baitussalam Welfare Trust. The Intellect School is a program of quality education, which is essential for overall personality development. We promote Islamic values in an excellent learning environment so that students achieve success in the worldly life and the next life. 

The Intellect School has few basic principles, which the organization feels are fundamental for all students. Students of Intellect School are God consciousknowledgeableprincipledwell balanced cooperative caring committed to their religion.

 We believe that discipline is an educational process, hence fundamental rules are established and implemented.

We define success in academic terms and also that our students lead their lives according to Shariah and Sunnah. 

We establish amongst students that, outside school, they are representatives of Islam. They should validate Islamic teachings and behave responsibly.

 We establish amongst students that, outside school, their characters are a validation of Islamic teachings and their character be of moral conduct. 

Our campus includes facilities like swimming poolindoor gymseparate libraries for junior and senior sectionsstate-of-the-art AuditoriumScience LabsComputer LabsMultimedia RoomSports Field


Distinctive features include

  • Child-centered, healthy & nurturing environment, 
  • An experienced and qualified faculty
  • Arabic language classes
  • Comprehensive & Integrated Hifz Program
  • Modern medical facilities 
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Focus on  academic excellence & character building


At The Intellect School, we follow the Cambridge System of Education, for classes Nursery till O levels.

The school has 5 divisions/sections 

 Pre-School: The section includes Nursery, Kindergarten I and Kindergarten II

Junior section: This section caters to grade 1, 2 and 3

Senior Section: The section at Intellect begins from Class IV to Class IX.  


Boys Section: the Boys Section at The Intellect was established in 2010 with 218 students, from Grade IV to O’Levels.The Cambridge International Examinations Syllabi is taught and we have a Hifz section in the boys' campus premises. The faculty at The Intellect boys campus are people who have taught for CIE exams. Co-curricular activities Cricket, Football, Badminton, Table Tennis, etc. 

Hifz section: The Intellect school has integrated academics with memorization of the Quran in this program. The Hifz program is valid for boys at The Intellect school. We admit outsiders after a test. The Hifz course duration is 3 years after which we induct the students in a Fast track program which incorporates the mainstream schooling 


After the success of all these sections, we launched the A-Level program for “Girls Only”.

We aim for students' scholastic achievement alongside strong moral development. We expect parents to support us in our goals because it is through strong individuals we shape strong communities.

The Intellect school employs a highly committed and dynamic team of education professionals, to ensure that students develop as successful global citizens. We want our students to be well placed and thrive in the modern world while staying true to Islam.