Digital evolution has changed people's lives and has drastically altered the way we access, consume, and utilize any content. With busy schedules and overcrowded time tables, it has become a struggle for learners to seek Islamic knowledge at their own pace. E-Baitussalam is a solution to all these problems. 

E-Baitussalam is a portal that gives Islamic courses online. The online courses by E-Baitussalam spread the message of the Quran and impart knowledge of Islam to women globally. E-Baitussalam is tailored for women seeking Islamic knowledge in their comfort zones. It allows self-paced learning with flexible timings. E-Baitussalam’s website is user-friendly and interactive. It helps teachers interact with students on an individual basis. 

Islamic education online is delivered by renowned Islamic scholars and professional well-experienced teachers. 

The faculty at E-Baitussalam is diverse, we have teachers who have completed the Dars e Niazi course, and have Alimiyyah Degrees by Wifaq ul Madaris Al-Arabiyyah Al-Pakistan. The faculty, as Aalims have extensive knowledge of Islam and are proficient in counseling women’s issues. We provide guidance in light of the Quran and Sunnah. Permanent faculty members at Ebaitussalam are from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., and the U.S.A. 

We give Islamic lectures online every week and give students assignments at the end of class. We evaluate students on performance and successful students and award certificates at the end of the course. 

E-Baitussalam has had 2000 + students from UAE, USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Canada, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, and Australia. Women that have benefited from E-Baitussalam are from all walks and of different ages. E Baitussalam students are housewives, working mothers, students in the university, and school-going girls.


Why choose E-Baitussalam?

  • Its flexible schedule allows self-paced learning at a low cost.
  • Wider choice for in-depth topics.

  • Live sessions help students and teachers interact in real-time. They can discuss and comprehend topics with ease.

  • Test assignments and feedback help understand and analyze the Islamic knowledge imparted.

  • Ebaitussausalam helps students discuss any books, notes, and texts that are available, amongst each other. Our website allows them to trade notes and share ideas. 


E-Baitussalam has a diverse array of lectures and various courses are available on the E-Baitussalam website. We regularly upload the Bayants and sermons by the founder of Baitussalam, Hazrat Maulana Abdul Sattar (DB).

72 courses 9000 registrations in 3 years  75000+ accounts and monthly recordings


You can register to E-Baitussalam and gain online Islamic education by clicking the link: http://baitussalam.org/learning/ebaitussalam/why.php