Jamia Baitussalam

Jamia Baitussalam

“When Allah wishes well for someone, He bestows upon him the understanding of Deen.”


Our masses have segregated Contemporary studies and Religion, and we often misconstrue the two as mutually exclusive. At BWT, we believe that the two sectors must coexist together. Hence, we blended religious and contemporary studies to built Jamia Baitussalam, a home for Islamic-cum-Scientific studies. 

Jamia Baitussalam merges various dimensions in a way that empowers students to reach scholastic achievement. We aim to inculcate a sense of religious sciences among Muslim students. Our objective is to groom students under the light of the Quran and hadith. Our spacious campuses are located at Link road Karachi, Sindh, and Talagang, Punjab. We offer the prestigious Dars-e-Nizami, Hifz e Quran, Matriculation, Intermediate and O-level, specializations in various subjects. A Tri-lingual curriculum that ensures eloquence in Arabic, English, and Urdu. Baitussalam Welfare Trust bears the operational costs for the institutes. The trust bears the charges for Students’ living expenses and tuition fees.


Facilities on campus:

  •  Beautiful Masjid

  •  Library a vast array of Arabic, Urdu, and English books are present in various subjects. 

  •  Hostel (a five-story building with 72 rooms)

  •  Kitchen equipped with modern cooking facilities,

  • Dining Area has a capacity of approximately 600 students, 

  • Trained faculty

  •  A vast playground for children where students take part in regular physical exercise as it promotes a healthy lifestyle and helps students in delivering strong academic performance.

  • A well equipped IT lab and a science lab

  • Charitable services: We encourage our students to give zakat in the form of clothes, food, groceries, etc. The university on Eid al-Adha performs a ‘collective sacrifice’ where we distribute meat.



Our institute consists of three main departments.

1 The Department of Dar-ul-Quran Hifz: This section is valid for the students of Talagang and nearby areas.

The prerequisites are the completion of Nazra e Quran and primary education. The maximum age limit for this course is 11 years. 


2: Department of Contemporary Education. This area facilitates students in Matriculation and O’levels, 

The duration of the O’levels course is 4 years. The institute facilitates students by paying for the O Level examination fees. This department offers O' levels complete course alongside English, Urdu, and Arabic courses. The duration of Matric and FSC is 2 years each. Eligibility criteria for O Levels include:

  • Hafiz e Quran

  • Primary level school education

  • Maximum age 13 years


And for Matric, prerequisites are 

  •  Hafiz e Quran

  •  Primary level school education

  •  Maximum age 15 years


3: Department of Religious Studies. This department offers 1 year Arabic Language Course and 7 years Dar e Nizami Course. Eligibility criteria for Arabic language course include:

Matric qualification

 Maximum age should be 18 years

And the prerequisites for Dars e Nizami are 70% marks in the previous class and knowledge of Arabic language


We aim to live in a Pro-Learning society where Muslim children and youth are with curiosity.  Besides academic excellence, we enlighten our children with the spirit of Islam and in awe of our creator. We believe character building under Islamic doctrine is essential for Muslim youth. Children learn contemporary knowledge and skills alongside historic wisdom and values. We want children of our nation to flourish in a way that every challenge is perceived as an opportunity. The youth should seek not only the world’s approval but Almighty’s appreciation. It is fundamental should be able to discover the path of success for this life and the next.

It is under the guidance of Moulana Abdul Sattar (DB), the founder of The Intellect School and the Baitussalam Welfare Trust, we have embarked on the noble mission to build a vibrant and progressive Pro-Learning Muslim societies across Muslim Ummah. We encourage adults to join the Batussalam welfare trust to serve as role models for the Muslim youth or transform their own lives under the light of our deen Jamia Baitussalam has experienced, dedicated, and professionally well-trained staff and teachers. Apart from academics, character building and co-curricular activities are also an integral part of this institution.