Baitussalam Laboratory and Diagnostic Center

Baitussalam Laboratory and Diagnostic Center

Welcome to the Baitussalam Laboratory and Diagnostic Center in Karachi, Pakistan. Our mission at Baitussalam Welfare Trust is to provide compassionate care to those in need, especially those with limited incomes. We understand the importance of accurate diagnosis and safe treatment for diseases, which is why we have established this state-of-the-art laboratory and diagnostic center.

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At our center, we offer a wide range of diagnostic tests at affordable prices, so that everyone can access the care they need. We also offer free laboratory tests to deserving citizens who rely on Zakat for support. We prioritize not only their medical well-being but also their self-esteem and dignity. Our commitment to your health goes beyond medical services; it's about caring for you as a whole.

Our expansive range of tests includes:


  • Chemical Patholog
  • Molecular Pathology/PCR
  • Immunology & Serology
  • Microbiology
  • Hematology

Our facility is equipped with a range of departments to cater to your healthcare needs:
Laboratory : Our advanced laboratory ensures precise testing and analysis, guided by highly skilled professionals.
Ultrasound: With modern ultrasound equipment, we provide detailed insights to assist in your medical assessment.
OPD and Consultant Clinic: Expert and qualified doctors await in our Outpatient Department (OPD) and consultant clinics, ready to provide personalized medical attention.
Rest assured, all diagnostic tests are overseen by highly qualified pathologists, radiologists, and specialists. We source our diagnostic equipment from globally recognized companies, ensuring top-notch accuracy and reliability. making your journey to recovery as seamless as possible.

At Baitussalam Laboratory and Diagnostic Center, we believe in healthcare that encompasses both expertise and compassion. Join us on this path to wellness, where your health is our utmost priority.