Baitussalam Youth Club

Baitussalam Youth Club


Baitussalam youth club is an initiative by Baitussalam Welfare Trust which continuously engages the youth of our country. It gives the youth a platform and a common stage where they can involve themselves in a conducive and nurturing environment. Baitusslam Youth Club promotes Islamic values and finds solutions for the daily problems that the Muslim youth is facing. 

BYC is an opportunity for the Muslim youth to comprehend, analyze, and get closer Islamic teachings under the supervision of renowned scholars.

The youth club comprises both male and females in segregated groups. Baitussalam youth club (for girls) is for teenage girls. Baitussalam Youth club (for boys). 



1. Team Building Sessions

2. Participation in Social Events and gatherings

3. 50% discount on courses offered by Baitussalam Welfare Trust.

4. Discount on the publications by Baitussalam Welfare Trust.

5. Networking & Volunteering activities


In 2018, BYC gave boys an opportunity to learn our spectacular deen under the supervision of authentic scholars. We educated the youth club for boys on how and why “Deen is a need". The “DEENEED" invited the youth to learn and practice deen. The program included field trips and snacks alongside essential Islamic teachings.