Funeral services

Funeral services

There are many Karachittes who under the current inflation are living on a paycheck to paycheck basis, on monthly incomes of around 30k. For many that are living on a margin basis, dying has unfortunately become an outrageously expensive affair. Low income to middle-income families, struggle with the financial burdens of funeral and burial expenses. An average Pakistani funeral cost averages PKR 8,000, where grave space, a grave marker, and opening/closing the grave can cost another PKR1,500 to PKR 2,500.

Hence, a typical burial costs around PKR 8000 to PKR 9000 in Pakistan. Baitussalam Welfare Trust provides funeral services, as the funeral costs have become unmanageable.


Funeral services offered by Baitussalam

  •  Shroud (Kafan) for both males and females

  • Trained male staff for the bath (ghusl) of the dead body. (bath service for females is dependant on the availability of female volunteers)

  •  Burying of the dead body (Tadfeen)


Funeral bus services:

In Islam, human dignity is a right given by Allah (SWT).  We observe certain human rights whether we are alive or dead.  Our body is a gift that needs to be taken care of even after we leave this world.

Baitussalam understands this crucial aspect, and henceforth funeral bus services offered by Baitussalam Welfare Trust ensure that the buses are in the best condition. We train drivers of funeral buses to ensure the dignity of the deceased during the coffin’s transportation.

The funeral bus services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


Anyone can hire our funeral bus services for any part of Karachi at economical rates. The funeral bus services for the homeless are free of charge. 

You can all contribute to this noble cause through your donations.