Masjid construction

Masjid construction

The Messenger of Allah (S.A.W) said:
“Whoever builds a Masjid for the sake of Allah, Allah will build something similar for him in Paradise.”


A masjid is a symbolic place that plays an instrumental role in the social, moral, and educational uplifting of the Muslim community. A place for collectively remembering The Divine. 

After many Syrian Masajid were wrecked after targeted by shelling. Baitussalam Welfare Trust joined hands with the Turkish organizations, for the restoration and reconstruction of two mosques. 

We bear the costs of:

  • Kitchen maintenance

  • Provision of breakfast, lunch, and dinner to students and faculty members.

  • Salaries of teachers

  • Books for students

  • Centers’ repairs and maintenance costs


Baitussalam has numerous mosques in Pakistan that it has adopted. The Trust bears its maintenance and operational costs. With the help of donors, Baitussalam Welfare Trust has built many masjids all over Pakistan. 


Few Masajids constructed by Baitussalam are :

  •  Jamia masjid Baitussalam, DHA, Karachi

  •  Jamia masjid Baitussalam, Link Road, Karachi

  •  Jamia masjid Sakhra, Talagang

  •  Jamia Masjid Younus, Talagang

  •  Jamia Masjid Qudsiyah, Bani Gala, Islamabad

  •  Jamia Masjid Baitussalam, Shikarpur

Two Masjids in Karachi are currently under construction. 

There are many Muslims that partake in the construction of mosques and educational institutes, as it is the best form of charity. The masjid constructed through your generosity has significant rewards.


You reap the benefits for every prayer that is recited in the masjid, you gain the rewards for every child that recites the Quran there, you are a beneficiary for every call for prayer for life.


We urge our Muslim brethren to help us in the noble cause by making Sadkkah-e-jarrah & leave a lifelong legacy.