Imdadi Markaz

Imdadi Markaz

Baitussalam Welfare trust has been implementing innovative hunger solutions since its formation. Besides providing free food packets through its food bank to the remote districts of Karachi, eg Machar colony and Liyaari, Baitusslam’s food bank provides also monthly ration to the poor. However, a large part of our community shy from asking for free food. Imdadi Markaz solves this problem.

Imadai Markaz is a grocery store operational in Gulshan, Disco Bakery, where everything is marked  70% off on all commodities.

The store’s discount prices are valid for the people eligible for Zakat. It lets the poor shop for free while ensuring their dignity.

 The store features all edible items including lentilsteariceflourwheatsugarsaltspices 


Imdadi Markaz procedure

The procedure is simple.

  1. A single member of the family fills a form, that goes through an investigation by the Baitussalam welfare team.
  2. We issue a card after we verify the applicant as a zakat worthy candidate. The issued card allows him/her to purchase groceries from Imdadi Markaz

This procedure helps hundreds of deserving people have a dignified grocery shopping experience. It saves them the shame of having to plead their cases to the public. They can avail of basic human necessities for free.

The store is open on Saturdays. We run Imdadi Markaz with the help of volunteers. The youth of Pakistan has come forward eagerly to help us run this store. Students from major universities and colleges have signed up to assist us in this project and we urge the entire nation to help us. 


How can you support Imdadi Markaz?

You can support us in the following ways:

  • Donate any edible packed items to Imdadi Markaz.

  • You can become a member and sponsor a family. 

  • Muslims abroad can support Imdadi Markaz through Bank transfer. You can help the less fortunate and improve the economy of Pakistan through foreign remittances. 

  • Food manufacturers can donate their manufactured goods which will be stocked at Imdadi Markaz.   

  • Become  a volunteer


We have received an overwhelming response from private organizations, professionals, and students as they took part in donations. Show your support as we continue to provide for the needy and simultaneously save their dignity.